five ways to false when using a Fitness Kettlebell - Exercises using the kettlebell workout is a very nice Ladies, due to the use of this tool to burn a lot of calories and involves a lot of muscle. But there is still much that is wrong in using these tools, both novice and skilled in using this tool. Therefore, check out information on how fitness is incorrect when using a kettlebell in the following.

-Kettlebell Weights you use too light

Like dilangsir from page, load this kettlebell you use should fit the Ladies. Don't be too lightly, let alone too much. According to an expert fitness named Lee Boyce, kettlebell weights that are too light will not activate the muscles of your body.

If you are still using the kettlebell with a weight of about 3.5 kg, replace it with a heavier kettlebell which is about 4,5-6,5 kg. If you are already using a kettlebell expert,you can use the load more than 6.5 kg. Boyce stated that most kettlebell weightsstandard used is around 11 kg.

-You do use of a kettlebell technique is too complicated

How to use this kettlebell is diverse, ranging from the simplest, to the most complicated. Mistakes often happen is someone doing exercises with a complicated technique, but he doesn't know how to do it. This is very dangerous because it can cause injury.

Therefore, we recommend that you do simple movements alone, especially if you are a beginner. You can do the movement of hand-to-hand exchange and front squats. If you're already used to doing simple movements, then You should try a more complicated movements.

-You do too many reps

As mentioned earlier, this involves the kettlebell exercises using many muscles at the same time. Therefore, the practice of using these tools tend to fast will make you tired.If you continue to impose practice when your body is tired, it is precisely this will damage your body.

Therefore, we recommend that you limit the reps you do while using this tool. The recommended reps by Boyce is 5 reps each set. If you are familiar, you can increase the number of reps that slowly.

-You are too focused on your arm

This Kettlebell is not only serves to make up your arm muscles, but also Your thigh muscles. If you just use your arm kettlebell  swinging, useless you perform this exercise.

Focus on Your lower body motion while doing this exercise. Thrust Your hips forward so that your arm away from the body naturally. This movement is useful to ensure that you do not rely on your arm only.

-You do the movements like dumbbell exercises using

Some dumbbell movements and it kettlebell is almost the same, such as pres and curl.However, there is a dumbbell movements could not be applied when you use thekettlebell snatch is a movement, for example. Check with your trainer at the fitness You to let you know what a dumbbell techniques could you apply kettlebell.

Immediately make a change if you do this mistake yes five!

Written by : Kaden Scott ~Healthy Naturally

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